Mariah Keech

Performer / Creatrix / Teacher


About Me

Hi, I’m Mariah and I have an addiction… to flow arts. This is a huge improvement considering just a few years ago I had a very treacherous addiction to alcohol. 


Approximately three years ago I bought my first hula hoop just to fit in with my friends who were also starting to explore the world of hoop dance.  Hoops led me to discovering dragonstaff, which led me to the discovery of fire spinning, which led me to try out juggling. I now spend around two hours a day practicing and exploring with a variety of flow props. Flow arts reignited my drive to care for myself and helped me discover that true passions deserve to be shared with others.


I have been performing with fire props for about a year and I look forward to sharing my love for movement with others at your next event. Whether you're looking for daytime, family-friendly hoop classes, enticing ambient LED entertainment or enthralling fire performances for a special event, I would be honored to be apart of making your experience unforgettable. 




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